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How To Find A Great Therapist, with the

As the number of therapies available in the UK increases exponentially, and with new training courses popping up at homes for 'day introduction courses' all the time, the range of quality of so-called 'professional therapists' is getting concerning.

Starting off with how to find a great Hypnotherapist, how to find a great Massage Therapist, and how to find a great Reiki Teacher, the Therapy Academy will continue to slowly grow with more information we consider may be of use to you.

If you'd like to get in contact, please go through our main sponsors of The Therapy Agency

If you're looking for more information about a range of Complementary Therapy techniques, including details about Complementary Therapies, various types of Massage Therapies and Massage Therapists.

The Therapy Academy is part of The Therapy Agency, who is pleased to provide massage, Swedish massage, and complementary therapies throughout England, Wales and Scotland.


Minutes A Day

You can also look to bring the effective business training methods of 'Minutes a Day' into your workplace. A range of professional and accessible techniques to promote well-being, improve self-awareness, and develop understanding.

Just view the website 'minutes a day' for more information.

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